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Download JCT Consultancy LinSig v3.2.33.0 + Crack

JCT Consultancy LinSig v3.2.33.0
JCT Consultancy was formed in the 1980s to develop and market the LinSig software package for Traffic Signal Design and to provide specialist traffic signal related consultancy advice to local authorities, consultants and central government. Since then further traffic engineering software products have been developed, and a comprehensive programme of training courses has been set up both to support the software and to teach general traffic signal design techniques. Still based in the historic City of Lincoln, JCT now employ a team of traffic engineers and software engineers who combine to provide world-class engineering services.

LinSig 3 is a major new version of LinSig and has been available since mid 2009. It adds many new features and extends the software in a number of significant directions. Since its original release in 1985 LinSig has been the UK industry standard software for the assessment and design of traffic signal junctions. Its unique attribute was and still is the combination of both traffic and controller modelling for comprehensive traffic signal design. The software has been instrumental in advancing UK phase (signal group) based methods of control giving maximum safety and efficiency for all road users.

One common application of LinSig is rapid testing of new traffic signal schemes which involve large numbers of alternative options. LinSig allows different options to be quickly modelled and rejected or taken forward possibly to more detailed resource intensive modelling such as microsimulation. Other common uses of the software include the interactive design of signalled roundabouts for which it is strongly established in the UK and overseas, transport assessments for land development and detailed modelling of networks of signal, priority and roundabout junctions.

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Download Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2017 x64 eng rus + crack

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Download eReflect Ultimate Vocabulary 2014 + Crack

With Ultimate Vocabulary Software, you get: 
- More powerful vocabulary words than any other program.
- More interactive ways to learn than any other program.
- More information on words than any other program.
- A personal computer tutor to guide you to a powerful vocabulary... step by step.

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Download Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro 2017 x64 eng+rus+crack

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro 2017
Autodesk Inc., a world leader in 3D design software for entertainment, natural resources, manufacturing, engineering, construction, and civil infrastructure, announced the release of Robot Structural Analysis Pro 2017. This software provides engineers with advanced BIM-integrated analysis and design tools to understand the behavior of any structure type and verify code compliance.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional software provides structural engineers with advanced building analysis capabilities for large and complex structures. The structural analysis software offers a smoother workflow and interoperability with Autodesk Revit Structure software to extend the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, enabling engineers to more quickly perform comprehensive analysis of a variety of structures.

Create structural models and perform structural analysis within Robot Structural Analysis Professional, and seamlessly transfer the model and results to AutoCAD Structural Detailing software to generate fabrication drawings. Within this ecosystem of structural engineering software, structural engineers can take advantage of an integrated workflow from design through analysis to fabrication.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro 2017 .sfx (64bit)

About Autodesk

Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

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Download PCI Geomatica 2016 SP1 x64 + Data + Crack

PCI Geomatica 2016 SP1 with Data | 1.0 Gb
PCI Geomatics, a world leading developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, has released a service pack for Geomatica 2016. The main focus of the service pack is expanded sensor support, with additional accuracy improvements in automated tie-point collection and model calculation.The expanded sensor support in SP1 means that Geomatica users can now easily use imagery from the latest commercial satellites, including Sentinel-2, KazEOSat-2 and four additional sensors. “Sentinel-2 plays an important role in earth imaging applications, particularly for agriculture and the environment. This is thanks to its innovative 13-band sensor, repeat coverage and free, online distribution” said David Piekny, Product Marketing Manager at PCI Geomatics. Expanded support for KazEOSat-1, KOMPSAT-3, and TripleSat have also been included in this release. A continually expanding roster of supported sensors is one of the foundations of PCI Geomatics software and systems, which provide expert algorithms, automated workflows and includes the Geomatica Developer Edition with Python API for custom application development.
Another important addition in the service pack is a new tie-point visualization interface, which allows users to better review the overall distribution of tie-points in their projects to determine if any edits are required. Tie points can be selected and modified based on their connectivity and location, reducing QC times for both aerial and satellite projects. A new parameter in automatic tie-point collection allows multiple passes, resulting in more points, while earth curvature and atmospheric refraction options have been added to aerial bundle calculations.
About PCI Geomatics
PCI Geomatics is a world-leading developer of software and systems for remote sensing, imagery processing, and photogrammetry. With more than 30 years of experience in the geospatial industry, PCI is recognized globally for its excellence in providing software for accurately and rapidly processing satellite and aerial imagery. There are more than 30,000 PCI licenses, in over 150 countries worldwide.
Name: PCI Geomatica
Version: (64bit) 2016 SP1 with Data
Interface: english
OS: Windows 7even / 8 / 10
Size: 1.0 Gb

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Download eReflect Ultimate Spelling 2014 + Crack

With Ultimate spelling software, you get: 
- The only modern, easy-to-use spelling software that's been designed from the ground up to make your child WANT to learn.
- A faster and easier way to master spelling without writing long lists or completing boring tests.
- More than just spelling - a complete educational resource for boosting all aspects of literacy.
- A personal computer tutor to guide your child to flawless spelling... step by step.

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Download Autodesk (ex. Graitec) Advance Steel 2017 x64 multilingual + Crack

Advance Steel был разработан специально для профессионалов в области строительного проектирования металлоконструкций, нуждающихся в комплексном и полностью интегрированном решении на базе AutoCAD. Advance Steel автоматизирует полный цикл проектирования металлоконструкций (создание детальной трехмерной информационной модели конструктивного решения, деталировку узлов, разработку комплекта рабочих чертежей марок КМ и КМД, получение соответствующих спецификаций и ведомостей материалов по ГОСТ), а также вывод данных на станки с ЧПУ.

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Download Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 x64 eng + Crack

Промышленная 3D САПР Autodesk Inventor - это семейство продуктов для промышленного 3D проектирования, включающее в себя средства моделирования, создания инструментальной оснастки и обмена проектными данными. Autodesk Inventor объединяет в цифровых прототипах данные AutoCAD и 3D модели Inventor. Будучи точным 3D представлением готового изделия, цифровые прототипы представляют собой удобное средство проверки формы и функциональности изделий перед созданием их опытных образцов. Autodesk Inventor обладает интуитивной параметрической рабочей средой для создания концептуальных эскизов и кинематических моделей деталей и изделий. Средства функционального проектирования позволяют сосредоточить внимание на рабочих характеристиках, и уже на их основании создавать пластмассовые детали, стальные каркасы и вращающиеся компоненты. Autodesk Inventor сокращает объем работы пользователей с отдельными геометрическими объектами, предоставляя им больше времени на построение и совершенствование цифровых прототипов. В дальнейшем эти прототипы помогают в проверке функциональности изделий, сокращая тем самым общие затраты на их проектирование и изготовление.

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Download eReflect 7 Speed Reading 2014+Crack

eReflect 7 Speed Reading 2014
With 7 Speed Reading Software, you get:
  • The only modern speed reading software to use the latest technology for superior results.
  • A new way to master speed reading that guarantees 3 times the reading speed with improved memory and comprehension.
  • The most comprehensive speed reading system anywhere - with 7 learning strategies, 15 software activities, video training, ultra-advanced tracking, and much more.
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Download MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 v16.0.4266.1003 RTM + Activator

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Dowwnload Autodesk AutoCAD MAP 3D 2017 x64 eng+rus+Crack

AutoCAD MAP 3D - решение для картографов, геодезистов и специалистов по ГИС, которое предоставляет возможности прямого доступа к разным форматам данных САПР и ГИС, их редактирования, визуализации и анализа в знакомой среде AutoCAD. Программа объединяет возможности САПР и ГИС. В AutoCAD MAP 3D могут работать как инженеры-проектировщики, так и специалисты по ГИС. Они имеют доступ к одним и тем же данным в единой среде.

Команды AutoCAD MAP 3D позволяют собирать данные в различных форматах и строить карты на их основе. В новой версии появились дополнительные возможности обработки данных,  полученных в полевых условиях. Это - непосредственный импорт: 
- точек ASCII и данных в формате LandXML;
- данных топографической съемки и схем;
- групп точек;
- компонентов топосъемки при помощи FDO (Feature Data Objects).

Новые возможности координатной геометрии
Дополнительные команды работы с координатной геометрией предназначены для точного размещения и создания компонентов, полученных традиционными методами топографической съемки. В дополнение к существующим методам «Румб и расстояние», «Азимут и расстояние», «Угол и расстояние», «Угол поворота и расстояние» добавлены методы «Ортогональность и смещение», «Румб и румб», «Расстояние и расстояние» и «Обратный отчет».

Улучшенные возможности анализа данных
Семь новых операций наложения улучшают возможности анализа в AutoCAD MAP 3D 2010: пересечение, объединение, удаление, идентификация, отсечение, вставка, исключающее ИЛИ.

Новая организация рабочих процедур
AutoCAD MAP 3D использует технологию Windows Workflow Foundation. Пользовательский интерфейс и рабочая среда позволяют автоматизировать выполнение повторяющихся задач. В программу включен визуальный редактор, позволяющий создавать, сохранять и обеспечивать совместный доступ к простым и сложным рабочим процедурам. Последние могут содержать логические операции и вызывать другие рабочие процедуры. Новая организация повышает эффективность работы и согласованность ее результатов.

Дополнительные возможности создания и редактирования данных
В новой версии стало более удобным создание и редактирование компонентов, доступ к которым выполняется по технологии FDO. Усовершенствована привязка объектов: добавлены опции пересечения, продолжения, кажущегося пересечения и параллельная привязка. Кроме этого, AutoCAD MAP 3D упрощает работу с многофрагментными, многоконтурными и ГИС данными, которые обладают параметрами «m» или «z». Палитра свойств теперь позволяет редактировать атрибуты нескольких объектов за одну операцию.
Простота обмена данными
Усовершенствованная команда копирования позволяет использовать слои и включать вычисленные и объединенные поля данных при копировании данных в новые наборы. Эта команда также может использовать систему координат текущей карты с данными, у которых  другая проекция. Кроме того, AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 обладает новыми возможностями импорта и экспорта в формате LandXML. Это упрощает обмен данными с AutoCAD Civil 3D и другими программами, способными работать с данными в этом формате.

Дополнительные FDO-провайдеры
AutoCAD MAP 3D поддерживает работу с Microsoft SQL Server Spatial, что предоставляет дополнительную возможность хранения картографических данных. Другие FDO-провайдеры Autodesk, в том числе Autodesk FDO Provider for GE Smallworld, доступны только подписчикам через Центр подписки Autodesk.

Улучшенная смена проекции для растровых изображений
В новой версии усовершенствованы алгоритмы смены проекции. В результате возросла точность смены проекций растровых изображений, доступ к которым осуществляется по технологии FDO.

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Download Febees BlacklightFly v4.9.5948 x86+x64+Crack

Light Guide Plate Pattern Deisgn - Introducing BacklightFly

“BacklightFly is a Pattern Design & Output Software for Light Guide Plate of Backlight Modules”

  • Since Luminance is a function of density, how do you get correct Luminance without designing a real density distribution?
  • If you actually design real density distribution and are unable to output same density result, how do you get correct Luminance?
  • If the distribution of output pattern sizes is uncontrollable, how do you guarantee that your design will meet the process’s design rules?
  • If the pitch is static, how do you avoid micro interactions (ex: Moiré Pattern)?
  • Without precise design data, how do you gain from experience and systemize processes?

If you have same questions, stop doubting about yourself – let BacklightFly fulfills your ideas!

We’ve known that the density distribution of micro-patterns on light guide plates decides the performance of Luminance; therefore, the design of density distribution of patterns on light guide plates is the key to successful backlight modules manufacturing.

Printing process has its place for manufacturing light guide plates in the 80’ and 90’ and designers mostly used same-pitch and vary-shape size design (AKA same pitch design) to approach design density. As the processes advances, printing process is replaced gradually by chemical etching, physical etching and laser processes. The previous mentioned same pitch design is still widely used because of its ability to approach design density easily; however, the drawbacks that this method has brought along still remain challenges for light guide plate designers. For example:

  • Pattern distribution has repeating patterns and often causes micro interactions (ex: Moiré Pattern).
  • Unable to avoid either over-size patterns or tiny-size patterns at the same time.
    • Over-size patterns (>200um): often causes light spots.
    • Tiny-patterns: causing manufacturing challenges. Ex: Patterns under 50um often causes problems in etching process.

Same-size and vary-pitch design (AKA same size design) has gained its moments and become the mainstream; however, to output precise density and maintain good uniformity using this design still remains great challenges. Thus, designers use spline to control pitches and produce indirect density as their design density. The drawback of this method is obviously: density is not precise at all. Some designers use random method to produce precise density output and the result is quite good; unfortunately, the poor uniformity and the density discontinuous issue at the edges of density blocks make it unacceptable.

Because of the challenges, most designers are still unable to design with direct density and they use various methods to get the design density indirectly. And therefore, these designers need to maintain and develop a set of design rules for each process. The idea of using same design on all processes is still in the air and it also results consequences: early same pitch designs are not able to be converted to same size designs and creating a barrier on process advancing.

Yes, BacklightFly is developed and researched aims to resolve above issues. As you may have expected, we’ve already resolved these issues. Please allow us to represent you with our achievements:

Precise Output Density

Produce precise output which totally reflects your design.

Image from Michael Balzer,University of Konstanz

Febees same size (process time ~2min)

Same design file, multile output methods. All of our output methods can produce same output density results. One design file can satisfy all process and eliminating the desynchronize issue between Luminance and design file.

Density Distribution as Contour

Same pitch

Same pitch Fine grained

Same size Fine grained

Same size Regular

High Performance Design & Output

Independent system, does not rely on CADs, the design performance will not degrade with increasing plate size. Patterns output time is directly of pattern quantity. With our high precise density output capability, you can tell a good design with low resolution output and greatly reducing the design-output cycle. Once the design is final, just output with highest resolution – even a hundred million patterns can be outputted easily.

1 Bit TIFF output: 89DPI

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Download IHS QUE$TOR 2015 Q1 v15.1.0.118+Crack

QUE$TOR provides concept screening, optimization and detailed oil and gas CAPEX/OPEX cost estimates. The QUE$TOR application suite includes QUE$TOR Offshore, QUE$TOR Onshore and QUE$TOR LNG Regasification modules. With our comprehensive cost database for numerous attributes, technologies and equipment, cost estimation engineers, financial analysts, executives and M&A analysts use the software to:
  • Accurately model oil/gas expenditures and production;
  • Create development scheduling;
  • Save hundreds of hours in research and analysis;
  • Support feasibility and pre-FEED studies and concept selection;
  • Support l cost management for multiple upstream, LNG and offshore projects;
  • Access latest global cost information with bi-annual updates on more than 60,000 cost points.
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Download Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 + Crack

 Tidak usah banyak basa basi langsung saja download linknya dibawah ini :)

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Download Avanset.Visual.CertExam.Suite.v3.4.2-DVT + crack


Introducing the New

Avanset VCE Exam Simulators

  • Realistic exam simulation
  • Exam editor with preview function
  • Several different question types
  • Whole exam in a single file
  • Customizable exam taking mode

What is VCE Simulator?

VCE Exam Simulator is a test engine designed specifically for certification exam preparation. It allows you to create, edit, and take practice tests in an environment very similar to an actual exam.

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Download Autodesk Maya 2017 + Crack

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Download Autodesk Simulation CFD 2017 x64 multilingual + Crack



Computational fluid dynamics software

Autodesk® CFD software provides computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation tools to help you to make great products. Pair the CFD Design Study Environment with a solver to predict product performance, optimise designs and validate product behaviour before manufacturing.


Computational fluid dynamics software

Autodesk® CFD computational fluid dynamics software provides flexible fluid flow and thermal simulation tools to help you make decisions earlier in the product development process. View videos to see how you can easily explore and compare design alternatives, and better understand the implications of design choices before manufacturing. 


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Download Midland Valley Move v2016.1.0 build 12981 + Crack

Midland Valley Move v2016.1.0 build 12981
Move is Midland Valley's next generation of modeling software. It is built around the need to use the dynamic geological model to validate concepts and analyze static and dynamic data. The software is designed to provide analysis of structural and whole earth systems using geological time as a constraint to both forward and reverse modeling. Move adds new capability and a scenario based approach to both 2DMove and 3DMove as well as other third party modeling systems.
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Download CSI ETABS 2016 v16.0.0 build 1488 x86+x64+Crack

The innovative and revolutionary new ETABS is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. Incorporating 40 years of continuous research and development, this latest ETABS offers unmatched 3D object based modeling and visualization tools, blazingly fast linear and nonlinear analytical power, sophisticated and comprehensive design capabilities for a wide-range of materials, and insightful graphic displays, reports, and schematic drawings that allow users to quickly and easily decipher and understand analysis and design results. 

From the start of design conception through the production of schematic drawings, ETABS integrates every aspect of the engineering design process. Creation of models has never been easier - intuitive drawing commands allow for the rapid generation of floor and elevation framing. CAD drawings can be converted directly into ETABS models or used as templates onto which ETABS objects may be overlaid. The state-of-the-art SAPFire 64-bit solver allows extremely large and complex models to be rapidly analyzed, and supports nonlinear modeling techniques such as construction sequencing and time effects (e.g., creep and shrinkage). Design of steel and concrete frames (with automated optimization), composite beams, composite columns, steel joists, and concrete and masonry shear walls is included, as is the capacity check for steel connections and base plates. Models may be realistically rendered, and all results can be shown directly on the structure. Comprehensive and customizable reports are available for all analysis and design output, and schematic construction drawings of framing plans, schedules, details, and cross-sections may be generated for concrete and steel structures. 

ETABS provides an unequaled suite of tools for structural engineers designing buildings, whether they are working on one-story industrial structures or the tallest commercial high-rises. Immensely capable, yet easy-to-use, has been the hallmark of ETABS since its introduction decades ago, and this latest release continues that tradition by providing engineers with the technologically-advanced, yet intuitive, software they require to be their most productive.

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Download CESD ChemMaths v15.9 + Crack

 ChemMaths contains numerous engineering tools to improve your working life, 3000+ data of chemical, mathematical, general scientific information. Solves hundreds of equations, 200+ unit conversions and much more see below for further features listing. ChemMaths contains all the features of EquationsPro, DataPro, ChemPlayer, ProSimGraphs, ChemPlayer and UnitsPro.

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Download Borvid HttpMaster v3.4.0 + Crack

HttpMaster is a development and test tool for REST web services and web API applications. Because HttpMaster is an universal http tool it can also be used for development of other web application types, for example, for testing HTML forms.

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Download ifu e!Sankey Pro v4.1.1.678 + Crack

 The software e!Sankey lets you create Sankey diagrams quickly and easily. No matter whether you wish to depict energy flows, material streams, or goods being transported along a supply chain: use e!Sankey to create convincing visualizations for your presentations, reports and publications. Sankey diagrams are a great way to visualize flows – e.g. energy, material, or cost flows. The width of each arrow in a Sankey diagram is proportional to the flow quantity, i.e. a flow with double the volume as another flow is shown with an arrow twice as wide. Sankey diagrams immediately draw the attention to the most important flows. They are gaining increasing importance in energy management, facility management, process engineering and in the area of resource efficient manufacturing. When visualizing costs along a supply chain or within a production plant, they can help to better understand value streams.
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Download CSI SAP2000 v18.2.0 build 1267 x86+x64+Crack



The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago. SAP2000 follows in the same tradition featuring a very sophisticated, intuitive and versatile user interface powered by an unmatched analysis engine and design tools for engineers working on transportation, industrial, public works, sports, and other facilities.
From its 3D object based graphical modeling environment to the wide variety of analysis and design options completely integrated across one powerful user interface, SAP2000 has proven to be the most integrated, productive and practical general purpose structural program on the market today. This intuitive interface allows you to create structural models rapidly and intuitively without long learning curve delays. Now you can harness the power of SAP2000 for all of your analysis and design tasks, including small day-to-day problems.
Complex Models can be generated and meshed with powerful built in templates. Integrated design code features can automatically generate wind, wave, bridge, and seismic loads with comprehensive automatic steel and concrete design code checks per US, Canadian and international design standards.
Advanced analytical techniques allow for step-by-step large deformation analysis, Eigen and Ritz analyses based on stiffness of nonlinear cases, catenary cable analysis, material nonlinear analysis with fiber hinges, multi-layered nonlinear shell element, buckling analysis, progressive collapse analysis, energy methods for drift control, velocity-dependent dampers, base isolators, support plasticity and nonlinear segmental construction analysis. Nonlinear analyses can be static and/or time history, with options for FNA nonlinear time history dynamic analysis and direct integration.
From a simple small 2D static frame analysis to a large complex 3D nonlinear dynamic analysis,  SAP2000 is the easiest, most productive solution for your structural analysis and design needs.

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Download CSI Bridge 2016 Advanced with Rating v18.2.0 build 1269 x86+x64+Crack



Modeling, analysis and design of bridge structures have been integrated into CSiBridge to create the ultimate in computerized engineering tools. The ease with which all of these tasks can be accomplished makes CSiBridge the most versatile and productive software program available on the market today.
Using CSiBridge, engineers can easily define complex bridge geometries, boundary conditions and load cases. The bridge models are defined parametrically, using terms that are familiar to bridge engineers such as layout lines, spans, bearings, abutments, bents, hinges and post-tensioning. The software creates spine, shell or solid object models that update automatically as the bridge definition parameters are changed.   
CSiBridge design allows for quick and easy design and retrofitting of steel and concrete bridges. The parametric modeler allows the user to build simple or complex bridge models and to make changes efficiently while maintaining total control over the design process. Lanes and vehicles can be defined quickly and include width effects. Simple and practical Gantt charts are available to simulate modeling of construction sequences and scheduling.
CSiBridge includes an easy to follow wizard that outlines the steps necessary to create a bridge model.
Completely integrated within the CSiBridge design package is the power of the SAPFire® analysis engine, including staged construction, creep and shrinkage analysis, cable tensioning to target forces, camber and shape finding, geometric nonlinearity (P-delta and large displacements), material nonlinearity (superstructure, bearings, substructure and soil supports), buckling and static and dynamic analysis. All of these apply to a single comprehensive model. In addition, AASHTO LRFD design is included with automated load combinations, superstructure design and the latest seismic design.

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